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Books in the Aglaril Cycle

Rich has several novels in some stage of development, production, or release. Most of the books are part of the Aglaril Cycle series. This series includes the following novels:

Book cover of Aure the Topaz
An ancient and powerful magic gem has been found and is wanted by necromancers to further their evil schemes. Can Evan Pierce, a demon hunter and priest of St. Michael, protect the gem and keep the necromancers from wreaking havoc in the kingdom? More

Available Now.
Book cover of Vorn the Onyx
Evan Pierce, a demon hunter and priest of St. Michael, must match wits with the witch of Martingis when she abducts four orphan girls and attempts a fifth. Can Evan find the missing girls and free the town from the grip of the witch before she can complete her evil scheme? More

Available Now.

Book cover of telep the diamond
A mysterious woman holds the key to finding the third gem. Can they trust her or will she betray the others and end their fledging quest? More

Available Now.
Book cover of calen the emerald
Iriel and Nancy are captured by thieves who have a map to one of the Aglaril. Can Ahlan and the others rescue the two women and beat the thieves to the gem before it is too late? More

Available Now.
Book cover of luin the sapphire
Evan must rebuild the castle of Pennarth and the town of Irenrhod from the ruins left by necromancers while trying to defeat the dark mages at the same time. Can Evan defeat the necromancers before everyone in Pennarth and Irenrhod are murdered? More

Available Now.
Book cover of carne the ruby
James and the others locate an Aglari in an ancient idol. But in the process, the bard also disturbs the resting place of an ancient evil. Now they all must fight for their lives or die as fodder for the evil beast they have let loose upon the world. More

Available Now.

Book cover of orod the amethyst
Daniel discovers that one of the Aglaril is set in the ring of his uncle, Archibishop Salvatori. How can Ahlan and the others possibly convince to give of the symbol of his holy office? More

Available March 2020.

Silver Circlet

Nancy and the others must race to meet Everron so that the Crown of Power can be reforged and the war can be waged against the dukefs. Can they reach the elven king before the war commences and more innocent lives are lost?

Other books set in the kingdom of Thalacia are planned.