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About the Author

Rich Feitelberg is a poet and novelist. He also has collections of of short stories and poetry available at fine booksellers worldwide.

Rich is an avid map collector, and student of popular culture. Growing up on a steady diet of comic books, science fiction, and fairy tales of all kinds, Rich soon began weaving his own tales at a young age. Currently, Rich is working on more poems and short stories for your enjoyment.

Rich is a member of the New England Horror Writers.


An interview with Rich, from his media kit, is available for anyone who wants to learn more about him and his work.

Rich had another interview on Twitter, October 19, 2013, as well.

On August 27, 2014, Rich spoke with Jan Lewis, host of Be My Guest at Channel 12 in Upton. The following video are excerpts from that interview.

Eastern Sunset Reader interviewed Rich early in April, 2016. Read the interview.

Max Bowen, host of CityWide Blackout, WEMF Radio Cambridge, interviewed Rich August 11, 2016. Listen.

Prior to the release of Luin, the Sapphire, Book 5 of the Aglaril Cycle, Max interviewed me again on CityWide Blackout, WEMF Radio Cambridge. Listen. Interview starts at time code 53:00.

On August 1, 2021, Rich was interviewed again: Interview from Dale Philips.