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Crown of Power: Book 8 in the Aglaril Cycle


Book cover of Crown of Power

Sandra must fulfill the prophecy and purge Andropolis of dukefs or die trying, ending the House of Richmond and Thalacia's last chance for peace forever.


Princess Sandra and her companions race to meet the elven and human armies gathered to liberate an area of Thalacia held by invaders. Upon reaching the liberation forces, the princess holds a war council and the Aglaril are reunited to create Balodol, the Crown of Power.

Then the combined armed forces of humans and elves march to face their enemy with Sandra wearing the magic crown and in the lead, as prescribed by prophecy. Together, Sandra, her companions, and the armies of Thalacia and Oldarmare face one challenge after another until they come to their final destination, the kingdom's capital, Andropolis. There, at the city gates, a fierce battle rages that determines the fate of Thalacia, Sandra, and her friends.

The novel is available in electronic and paper formats.

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