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Glossary of Terms

The Aglaril Cycle uses many unique and strange words; some are elven, some are dwarven, and some are neither. This glossary provides a defintion of these terms.

Aglari (ah-glar-ree) n: pl Aglaril [Elven] A single gem from the elven king's crown. An Elf-gem.

Aglaril (ah-glar-ril) n: [Elven] Plural of Aglari.

Amelidel's prophecy n: A vision from the great elven mage and seer Amelidel (Am-mel-li-del). He foretold the liberation of Andropolis by the heir to the House of Richmond using the Aglaril.

Andropolis (An-drop-polis) n: The capital of Thalacia; once home of King Leonard. The city was captured in 465 by dukefs. King Leonard is believed to have been slain in the invasion along with his young sister Sandra.

Argentos (Are-gent-tos) n: The castle and home of Duke Celebon MacPherson. Celebron's father, Gabriel MacPherson, established Argentos and the nearby town of Ravenhurst, as a center of learning. MacPherson University became Mana University when Marngol was destroyed.

Aure (Our) n: The name of the topaz Aglari.

Azahnon (As-zah-non) n: The name of the royal palace in Andropolis, home to King Leonard and Princess Sandra.

Balodol (Bal-low-doll) n: [Elven] The name of the elven king's crown. Literally translated, the term means 'Crown of Power'.

Bryford (Bry-ford) n: A city governed by the local mayor, where magic does not work.

Calen (Kal-len) n: The name of the emerald Aglari.

Carne (Karn) n: The name of the ruby Aglari.

Clearbrook n: A small quiet town at the southern end of Thalacia and the former home of Evan Pierce, one of the main characters in the Aglaril Cycle.

Dukef (Due-kef) n: An elf that harbors ill will toward humans and humanity.

Elf-gem n: The human name for an Aglari.

Freehaven n: A city situationed on top of mountain in the middle of the Gods-home forest. The mountain is man-made and home to Countess Rogath.

Fire Mountains n: A range of mountains west of Thalacia, home to many races including dwarves, ogres, goblins, and giants. The mountain range contains the only active volcano in the area, Mt. Surt, home to a family of fire giants.

garal (gar ral) n: [Elven] A sacred quest performed by Qua'ril masters.

Gods-home forest n: The largest forest in Thalacia and part of the MacPherson Duchy. The forest is said to host thieves and travelers are advised to use only well-traversed paths.

House of Richmond n: The royal house of humans. Both King Leonard and Princess Sandara are part of the House of Richmond.

Kaudel n: The name of a famous wizard and carpenter who specialized in making puzzles, small boxes, and other items of use to his fellow mages.

Kaudel box n: A box for securely holding items of value and made by the wizard Kaudel.

Khuzarreem (Khuh-zar-reem) n: [Dwarven] The citadel of the dwarves nestled in the foothills of the Fire Mountains.

Luin (Loo-in) n: The name of the sapphire Aglari.

Mana n: Magical energy needed to make magic work.

Marngol (Marn-gaul) n: A ruined city and former home of many wizards. It was destroyed in the Marngol Massacre of 465. Orignially built by the elves millenia ago because of the naturally high levels of magic.

Mirrya (Mere-rye-yuh) n: A large continent in the southern hemisphere of the world.

Montescenia (Mont-tay-seen-nia) n: A city ruled by Duke Phillip Jose Montescenio.

Nethereem (nether-reem) n: [Dwarven] Steel made to be unbreakable.

Oldarmare (Old-dar-mare) n: [Elven] The kingdom of the elves in Mirrya.

Orod (Oh-rod) n: The name of the amethyst Aglari.

Qua'ril (Kwuh ril) n: [Elven] A form of martial arts practiced by elves. It forms the basis of elven ranger training. Masters of the Art are highly respected and revered.

rokka (roh-ka) n: [Elven] A special type of horse bred by the elves for speed and agility. Rokka are all black chargers.

Sadarxio (Sah-dar-zio) n: The fabled sword used by kings of the royal house of Richmond. Illium used the sword in the wars that untied the kingdom of Thalacia; Kenilworth used the sword to drive back invaders from the south. Only members in direct line can wield the sword so being able to use the blade is proof of one's royal hertiage.

Stellingham n: Also known as the clerical city; home to the Supreme Priest and the four orders of the Church. The main campus of the College of Bardic Lore is also here.

Tah-teem (Tah team) n: [Elven] A test of character conducted by the Aglaril to determine if the wielder of the gems is worthy of using them. Only the most worthy are permitted to use the power of the gems. Literally translated, the terms means 'Test of Purity'.

Telep n: The name of the diamond Aglari.

Thalacia (Thuh-lay-see-uh) n: A human kingdom along the eastern coast of the continent Mirrya.

udar (you dar) n: [Dwarven slang] A condescending term for people with the ability to wield magic.

Vorn n: The name of the onyx Aglari.

Wrightwood n: A city ruled by Duke Anthony Wrightwood and his daughter Crystal. Duke Wrightwood has been fighting necromancers for the last ten years. He believes this effort is nearly at an end. Only time will time if he is correct or not.