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Map of Thalacia

Each book in the Aglaril Cycle includes a map of the Thalacia, the kingdom in which the story is set. The map is reproduced here. Click this link to see full size

Places of Interest

Stellingham -- the clerical city; home to the Supreme Priest and the four orders of the Church. The main campus of the College of Bardic Lore is also here.

Montescenia -- home of Duke Phillip Jose Montescenio. Duke Montescenio is featured prominently in the Blessed Lady.

Marngol -- ruined city; former home of many wizards; destroyed in the Marngol Massacre. Orignially built by the elves millenia ago because of the naturally high levels of magic.

Andropolis -- capital of Thalacia; once home of King Leonard. The city was invaders and captured by evil elves 25 years ago. King Leonard is believed to be dead along with his young sister Sandra.

Freehaven -- situationed on top of mountain in the middle of the Godshome forest. The mountain is man-made and home to Countess Rogath.

Bryford -- a free city where magic does not work.

Argentos -- home of Duke Celebon MacPherson. Celebron's father, Gabriel MacPherson, established Argentos and the nearby town of Ravenhurst, as a center of learning. MacPherson University became Mana University when Marngol was destroyed.

Wrightwood -- home of Duke Anthony Wrightwood and his daughter Crystal. Duke Wrightwood has been fighting necromancers for the ten years. He believes this effort is nearly at an end. Only time will time if he is correct or not.

Clearbrook -- a small quiet town at the southern end of the kingdom and the former home of Evan Pierce, one of the main characters in the Aglaril Cycle.