Golden Storyline Novels, in paper format by Rich Feitelberg (and where to find them)

Rich Feitelberg has written a series of fantasy novels. Originally released starting in 2013, the Aglaril Cycle were self-published. The series was sold to Golden Storyline Books in 2020 and is now available as the Gambit Trilogy (ebooks only). The series is also being released in paper, as indicated below. Please note that the original version of the series (the Aglaril Cycle) is also still available in paper.

Fantasy Novels, paper only

Book cover of Pursuing Necromancers

The land of Thalacia is threatened by sorcery and the presence of powerful forces. Necromancers attempt to wreak havoc in Thalacia by stealing a magic gem and have other nefarious schemes in mind. The gem will enable the necromancer to make use of a powerful magic device. Evan Pierce, a demon hunter and protector of the realm, must somehow discover the truth behind the mysterious plots.

In this sword and sorcery tale, the uneasy balance and fraught alliances that reign within Thalacia and their neighbouring lands are jeopardized. For Evan Pierce, the events remain shrouded in mystery and he must confront a difficult path. The prophecies state that those seeking the gems will surely meet their downfall.

Sample Chapter

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Book cover of Necromancers Amulet

A witch near the small town of Martingis is abducting orphan girls. When Evan Pierce, a demon hunter and protector of the realm, learns of this, he intervenes to find the missing children. He interrogates the townsfolk, disrupting local customs and angering the witch. She retaliates by murdering an orphan boy and abducting another girl. Tensions mount as concern grows over what the witch may be planning, but Evan’s hard work pays off and the witch’s evil scheme is revealed to him.

However, matters worsen with this information because her plans are only part of the larger necromancer plan. Realizing this, Evan races back to his liege lord only to find he has been abducted too. Now he must rescue the nobleman from the clutches of the dark wizards or plunge Thalacia into anarchy and chaos.

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