Sample Poetry

Rich Feitelberg has had several of his poems published. This page lists the most recent two poems.

If I seem dead, do not mourn, or cry, or weep.
For I am not really gone, but merely fast sleep.

Should I wake, I will kiss you lightly upon your lips.
Then, at the shallow pond, toss stones, watching as each one skips.

But if my slumber continues on, I will dream about our lives
And when you see me smiling, you will know that our love thrives.

So do not rouse me suddenly or distrub my prolonged rest
For when we meet again, my dear, you will know who I love best.


The old man sits
in the same worn spot
on the couch
he always does.

His gray hair slicked back,
spectacles at the end of his nose.
He sits hunched forward
elbows on knees
a newspaper
from last week
spread before him.

He does not see the words
but thinks of his life

and paths not taken

wishes unfulfilled

women he could have loved
but never did.

children he wanted but never had

places he's seen in books
but never visited or explored

food he could've have tried but left untasted

Opportunities lost
Experiences wasted or gone unsavored.

He sighs
and pushes his spectacles up
on his nose
and returns
to his the newspaper,
his only friend.