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Strange Stories

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A collection of eight strange short stories from the mind of Rich Feitelberg, author of the Aglaril Cycle. Included in this collection are:

  • The Pen, Randy finds a magic pen and with it achieves the writing success he craves. His wife, Darlene, is not pleased. How will she respond once writing deadlines start taking priority over her?
  • The Wayward, Ramon gains the abilitiy to see lost souls caught between life and death only to have them attack him. Ramon fights back and discovers a way to affect these non-corporeal beings. Can he enact his plan before it is too late?
  • Pairings, A lonely old man meets a young female street performer who can take away his away his feelings of isolation. She invites him to go with her into a nearby tent. Does he go to experience a type of closeness he has never felt before or does he remain alone and apart from everyone?
  • Secluded Place, Remy seeks to reclaim his childhood prior to getting married. Does he suffer from cold feet or does something else draw him to his favorite boyhood retreat?
  • The Box, A mysterious box appears in Bill and Jack's apartment. Neither man knows where it came from, only that it grants wishes. Can the box be used safely or does it curse all who possess it?
  • Glorious Food, Regina can't stop eating and has no luck controlling her appetite. After consulting her doctor, she agrees to surgery. The procedure works except for one little side effect...
  • Even Ghosts Can Die, Dan, a victim of a car accident, becomes a ghost and seeks a way to get to Heaven. He travels the world looking for an answer. Does he find one or is he condemned to live forever between life and death?
  • The Thing at the Top of the World: A group of men attempt to reach the North Pole despite the strange tales told by the local Inuit. Do they reach the summit of the world, backdown, or die trying?

The book is available in electronic and paper formats.