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Space and Speculation

Book Description

Book cover of Space and Speculation

Space and Speculation collects several science Fiction short stories. In this volume:

  • Gray's World, The Empire encounters a world where their technology doesn't work. Jonathan Gray wants to study the planet to learn why, but the Empire has other ideas, including war and conquest.
  • Telescopevision, George Zyberg, an astrophysicist, invents a telescope that lets him see the events on a mirror planet that is several days ahead of our own. Using it he is able to predict events before they happen. But he goes too far and tips off the police about the robbery of the Central Bank. Now a group of gangsters are not too happy with him and plan to settle up with him.
  • Carbon Footprint, In the effort to combat global warming and greenhouse gases, researchers develop a new form of algae and a synthetic material to grow it on. Months later reports of strange monsters surface. Is there a connection?
  • A Day in Court, Rhonda is assigned to live on the first Earth colony, Centauri B. She does not want to go. Only a hearing before a magistrate keeps her from leaving her home forever.
  • Tiny Robots, A salvage mission turns into a first contact operation. Only the aliens are stronger and more advanced than humanity, and soon all Earth colonies are threatened.
  • Return to Gray's World, The exploration of the strange alien world QJZ is complete but what has been learned makes no sense. The Empire dismisses this intelligence and moves against it. Will they succeed this time to conquer the world or regret it?

The book is available in electronic and paper formats.