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Fables and Fiction

Book Description

Book cover of Fables and Fiction

Fables and Fiction collects several general fiction short stories, fables, and fairy tales. In this volume:

  • The Witch and the Farmer -- A farmer steals from a local witch and suffers the consequences.
  • The Monster -- Mother and Father are having their first child; Madame Mercury says it will be a monster and to destroy it. They can't and must deal with the results.
  • The Karma Fairy -- Russell steals content from the Internet illegally, damaging his karma. He has only one chance, to delete the content and hope he finds the one thing he really wants: true love.
  • English Major -- Rich is struggling in his freshman English class and lies to get through it hoping at last he'll have proof he doesn't belong in college. But his lies are convincing and he does not see what consequence they will have.
  • Fairy Dust -- Eugene conceives a plan to collect fairy dust to change the world. However, the fairies who must adhere to this scheme have other ideas.
  • Quantum -- Doug discovers the equation physicists have been longing for; a unified field theory. Only it gives him the Power of God and he can't control it. Suddenly other universes threaten to invade his own.
  • The Mouse with Cold Feet -- Henry must find a way to live in a house with a man and a hunting cat and still provide food for his wife, who is expecting a litter soon.
  • Getting Even -- Stan kills his partner, Steve. Some say it is PTSD, others think he's anti-social. Ultimately it is up to a jury to decide.
  • Sex Contracts -- Tim's film agent, Sally, is exposed for requiring sex as a condition for representing them. Tim tries to avoid getting involved, but he receives a summons and must testify hoping it does not affect his career as well.

The book is available in electronic and paper formats.