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Aure, the Topaz: Book 1 in the Aglaril Cycle


Book cover of Aure the Topaz

Twenty-five years ago, invaders captured Andropolis, the capital of Thalacia, and ended the rule of King Leonard. According to prophecy, the invaders can be ousted and the royal line restored only by wielding the Aglaril, seven elven gems of unprecedented power. However, the circlet in which the gems were set was destroyed millennia ago and the gems lost.


Evan Pierce, a priest of St. Michael, is sent to the ruins of Mirea to stop a group of necromancers. Their leader, Jormundan, is planning some evil ritual there and is also wanted for questioning in connection to the planned theft of some priceless jewelry.

What Evan learns after defeating the necromancers and Jormundan escapes, is that the theft will happen in the town of C. Suspecting that this may refer to the town of Clearbrook, his old hometown, Evan preceeds there alone to rest and discovers one of the Aglari has been found. It belongs to the town jeweler, Tindolen and it on display.

Concerned that the Aglari may be the jewelry Jormundan plans to steal, Evan tries to have it better protected but fails. So he stands guard himself; however, even this proves insufficent. The thief puts Evan and the other guards to sleep.

When Evan wakes and learns that the gem has been stolen, he pursues the thief and tracks the gem to Jormundan's workshop, which is full of ongoing experiments. Carefully, Evan searches the work room and finds the gem but before he can leave, Jormundan returns.

They fight but Evan is no match for Jormundan. Read the sample excerpt.

How can Evan win? And if he dies what will happen, what evil plans do the necromancers have for this Aglari? Purchase Aure the Topaz and find out.

The novel is available in electronic and paper formats.

Get your copy now. Watch the Book Trailer

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Nicole Mills says...
Alluring and fascinating… It reminded me Lord of the Rings. It pulled me in and kept me there. Good read.
8th February 2014 6:02am
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DJ Smith says...
I personally do not generally read books in this genre, but I found Aure the Topaz surprisingly enjoyable. From the beginning, I was hooked on the characters and the story, and the rest of the book did not disappoint. With each chapter I felt like a true participant in the adventures, which were a good mix of fantasy, invention, and believablity. It ends before the quest is complete, but you are still satisfied and left wanting to know more (or perhaps imagining it yourself). You will not be ... Read More
27th January 2014 10:51am
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Brian Maguire says...
Aure the Topaz is a fun contribution to the group-on-quest-for-magic-items genre. The world is original but comfortably familiar feeling and the characters sympathetic. Perfect for a winter weekend before the fire.
21st January 2014 10:49am
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John Sgammato says...
The 5th star is not hyperbolic. I am not saying Mr Feitelberg is Dostoevsky or Melville, but... while I enjoyed the story, as a long-time DM/GM I have to give it extra points for this: The events in the novel are very playable in a game. It is very easy for the busy GM to enjoy reading this book for its own sake, and then to get inspired by the events described, It would be easy to supplement the Friday night game with many of the encounters and characters in the book. I\'m a busy guy these ... Read More
11th June 2012 11:55am
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John says...
Aure the Topaz is a real page turner
5th August 2011 7:56am
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